Are you raising a narcissist? Take the test.

ChildNarcissistSelect the answer that is most true for you. Complete every question. The highest possible score is 21. The lowest is 0.

Take the test to discover how your child compares to others.

Then take the Adult Narcissist Personality Inventory to see how you compare to prisoners, actors and reality show stars.




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1.Without my child, his/her class would be much less fun. *
2.My child deserves special treatment. *
3.I would not be surprised to learn that my child has extraordinary talents and abilities. *
4.I would be disappointed if my child was just a “regular” child. *
5.My child is more special than other children. *
6.My child deserves something extra in life. *
7.My child is a great example for other children to follow. *

Take the Adult Narcissistic Assessment:

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