Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging

Personality traits of ISFJ:

  • Kind and considerate.
  • Value close, nurturing relationships.
  • Strong situational awareness.
  • Cautious.
  • Needs to know what is expected of them.
  • Seek praise when they do something well.
  • Fearful of change.
  • Impressive longterm memory
  • People pleaser.
  • Observe from the sidelines, before participating.
  • Adopt rules quickly.
  • Easily upset. Highly sensitive.
  • Protective of close friends and family.
  • Strong preferences for taste, texture and smells.
  • Loyal and trusting. Taking things in at face value.
  • Literal
  • Reserved and private.
  • Hesitant to engage in social situations.
  • Frugal.

What Parents need to know:

  • Be clear in your expectations.
  • Provide routine, structure and predictability. Let them know plans for the day ahead.
  • Communicate clear, detailed instruction and understand they will take what you say literally.
  • Let them do things in their own time. If they feel pressure to be something they’re not, they’ll recede.
  • When possible, prepare them for change by allowing them to become acquainted with it slowly. Such as visiting a new school before starting, or signing them up for a small play-group in their new town.
  • Motivated by personal connection. They’ll work hard to please those they like.
  • Offer lots of physical affection.
  • Refrain from yelling. They do best with a calm and gentle approach.
  • When they’re feeling insecure, use past successes to remind them of their abilities.
  • Encourage independence while reminding them of your support.

Now that you’ve taken the personality type assessment for your child, read on to understand their preferred learning style.

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