Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

Personality Traits:

  • High need for quiet and alone time to process information and recharge.
  • Observe from the sidelines, before participating.
  • Feelings are easily hurt
  • Require privacy.
  • Like to be prepare in advance.
  • Think before speaking.
  • Head in the clouds.

What Parents need to know about INFJ children:

  • Correct behavior in private
  • Refrain from yelling or speaking sharply. They are easily wounded.
  • Be a good listener. Learn to validate their feelings.
  • Be careful about squashing their ideas with feedback and criticism.
  • Provide lots of opportunity for creative and open-ended play.
  • Offer a lot of physical affection.
  • Frequently express your love and acceptance of them.
  • Offer opportunities to express feelings through writing, talking or drawing.
  • Need 1:1 time with parents.
  • Do not put them on the spot in front of others. Give them time to reflect on new information before speaking to it.

Now that you’ve taken the personality type assessment for your child, read on to understand their preferred learning style.

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