How to date someone more attractive than you

how to be more attractive

how to be more attractiveEarly in life, we learn our level of attractiveness by observing how others respond to us. The higher you are on the scale, the more options you have. Those on the low end have a higher rate of rejection, and fewer options.

Yet, we all have that one friend who snags more attractive partners. Research shows with repeated interaction, in diverse settings, physical attractiveness takes a back seat to other attributes.

Couples with longer acquaintance time are more likely to be mis-matched in attractiveness than couples with shorter acquaintance time.

Lead researcher Lucy Hunt of the UT Austin hypothesizes longer acquaintance time allows compatibility, and other factors, to trump physical attractiveness. Possibly making another person more attractive in the eyes of the beholder.

Individuals with shorter acquaintance time rely on snap judgments of attractiveness. They move onto someone else if the attraction isn’t there from the start.

When meeting someone online, an effective strategy for dating a more attractive person may be to delay a first meeting with a longer period of email exchanges and phone calls.

My husband tells me this is how I snagged him. I tell him his personality is something to overcome, and advise him against opening with it when looking for his next wife.

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