How often do online daters lie about their looks? And put out on the first date?

selfie no face

selfie no faceAsk most online daters, and they’ll tell you their tales of dates looking nothing like their profile pics. Research shows they are not exaggerating.

More than 80% of online daters misrepresent one or more physical attributes. Women are more likely than men to use retouched, professionally taken photos from their younger days.

The heavier and less attractive the woman is considered by society’s standards, the more likely she is to use an inaccurate profile pic.

Men are more likely to misrepresent their height. And I would guess income as well.

If looks are a priority for you, Skype prior to meeting. Or give chemistry a chance to brew. The more you get to know and like someone, the more attractive they become.

Only smug marrieds, and mothers desperate for grand babies, would say such a thing. But it’s true. Use this to your advantage if you want to date up.

Need more incentive? Stastitically, you have a 30% chance of having sex on a first date with someone you meet online. And 77% don’t use condoms for the first sexscapade. What is wrong with you people?

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