About Natasha

Frequently Asked Questions about Tashared hair red dress profile pic

1. Are you single?Married to God. It’s an open marriage.

2. What are you like on a date? The better looking you are, the cheaper the date. You handsome ones cost me my appetite. If you rate below a 5, bring a box of twinkies to offset the cost.

3. Do you work? I consider myself a life coach. Assaulting the needy with unsolicited advice. This behavior scored me an office with 4 gray walls and a secure exit. And a potty of my own. At times, I feel confined. But I’m committed to putting in my time.

4. Tell me about your style. Orange is my black. Brings out my eyes. It’s trending in here. That and stripes.

5. Are you named after someone? Yes. A former classmate who stole my creator’s wallet. She had good taste.

Now she wears orange like the rest of my clients.

6. Do you look like your photo in real life? I take offense to your question. And suggest you read this. If you must know.

7. Are you lonely? I feel invisible at times. Being someone’s alter ego and all.  Pen pals would help. A scented letter or two to add some sparkle to my day.

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